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The environmental furniture series designed by Design Alonen is made of weather-resistant Cor-Ten steel without compromising on quality.
The products are works of art intended for everyday use in the yard, garden, park and finished urban environment.

Sculptural Waterposts

The design of the design water posts is the handwriting of sculptor Kari Alonen. Design Waterposts, which have a ruggedly simplified design language, are suitable for different environments and adapt as part of a comprehensive park design. The raster parts bring a light contrast against the beautiful organic Cor-Ten steel surface. The Finnish Confederation of Labor has awarded the Design from Finland label to Finnish Design water posts.

“Ilmasta vettä”

Ilmasta vettä is the most versatile model in the product family, and thanks to its clear-lined design, it is easy to adapt to different outdoor spaces.


Vesipatsas breathes strength with its sharp lines and beautifully emphasizes the value of its surroundings.


Nousuvesi is suitable for landscaped yards and as a water intake point for park areas as part of a finished park environment. LED lighting brings out the sculptural form even in the dark and creates an atmosphere in the environment.


There is space for watering cans and other accessories at the other end of the summer pool. Stainless steel basin. Squirrel ladders are an accessory. Volume: 100l

Cor-Ten user design

The Cort-Ten product line has a design for many uses. Due to the properties of the material, the products are “eternal” and do not require maintenance but remain beautiful for decades.


Retrovarasyli is a wooden stand for a fireplace room or a campfire place.


The growth pool raises the plants to the right level for them. The simplistic round design and the properties of Cor-Ten steel make the pot timeless for decades to come.


Ankkuri-grilli is a campfire place with an adjustable baking tray. At the bottom is a grate and an ash box. Can be mounted on a non-combustible base in a very versatile way.